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After the successful results from the last test of Kvasir Media (here) we have been using them for about half a year now. But after the test Kvasir Media has been performing poorly. If that was because the network performance had dropped over all or if it was because there was another weight (display percentage) on our site when it wasn’t tested we had to find out. So we did another test run.

Network page: www.kvasirmedia.se
Tested on site: Kryssakuten.se
Tested period: Aug 31 – Oct 7 (38 days)

Google AdSense Kvasir Media Difference
Ad views (measured)  1,003,947 1,003,949 0.00%
Ad views (reported) 985,783 950,038 -3.63%
Clicks 1401 242
CTR 0.14% 0.02% -82.73%
Revenue (hidden) (hidden) -66.03%

Result: Kvasir Media still gives a quite good result compared to AdSense, although it has dropped slightly since last test.

The reason why the performed so badly during the time we didn’t test them is still unsolved. It might be that we are only testing one ad size and their other ad sizes perform bad on our site. It can also be that they work as expected when one ad size is displayed several times, as it does on our site.




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