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Kvasir Media a Swedish company having a ad network division, aiming for Swedish web sites. Kvasir Media is part of the Eniro corporate group which main branch is phone book directory.

Network page: www.kvasirmedia.se
Tested on site: Kryssakuten.se
Tested period: Mar 1 – Apr 3 (34 days)

Google AdSense Kvasir Media Difference
Ad views (measured)  831,480 809,123 -2.69%
Ad views (reported) 813,050 736,218 -9.45%
Clicks 950 230 -75.79%
CTR 0.11% 0.03% -75.12%
Revenue (hidden) (hidden) -58.59%

Result: Kvasir Media gives a really good result compared to AdSense. But on the other hand they do only target Swedish web sites and they have a invite only program (you might get an invite if you contact them by e-mail). And also, as you can read below, the quality of their ad management is one of the worst we have seen.

Note: In the Kvasir Media network you cannot manage your own ad spots, they are created manually by their staff and the ad code gets e-mailed to you. The first ads that was send to us had a too big font for the ad, so they could not be used. The technician that created the ad code was on vacation and no one else could help us during a whole week.

Update 1: After waiting a week for the technician to come back to work, he tried to update the script twice to make it work. But he never tested it, so none of the updates worked. The third time we told them that the script did not work, they finally fixed it.

Update 2: After a few days we found out that their ads did not display properly in Firefox, so they had do a another update.