10. February 2013 · Comments Off on Zanox vs. AdSense – Ad Revenue · Categories: Comparing Test

Network pagewww.zanox.com
Tested program: Zanox Ad Server
Tested on site: Kryssakuten.se
Tested period: Jan 2012 – Feb 2013 (13 months)

Result: During the first eleven months the revenue was quite good. 5% – 40% per month of what Google AdSense generated. But since December 2012 the revenue went down to exactly 0%!

NotesWe contacted Zanox about the total drop in revenue in their contact form. But we didn’t get an answer!

Update: When we asked them on their Facebook page if they read the questions from their contact form, the question just got deleted after about a day.

Update 2: Our last try was to e-mail them about this. The e-mail address was well hidden on their site, but we got an answer after about half a day. It turns out that the Zanox Ad Server has been cancelled and is replaced by Zanox Ad Delivery. Looks like we have to come back with a new test of that. But it is really bad that they cancel a service without informing about it!



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