25. February 2013 · Comments Off on Media.net vs. AdSense – Ad Revenue · Categories: Comparing Test

Network page: www.media.net
Tested on site: FindTheWord.info
Tested period: Feb 13 – Feb 24 (12 days)

Google AdSense Media.net Difference
Ad views (measured) 48,272 48,409 0.28%
Ad views (reported) 48,862 44,950 -8.01%
Clicks 55 (unknown)
CTR 0.11% (unknown)
Revenue (hidden) (hidden) -92.69%

Result: The Media.net network gives about 92.7 percent less than with what Google AdSense gives.

Note: After the ads had run for a day media.net contacted us and sent new ad codes, since the first ones did not work. It is bad that their site generates invalid ad codes, but it is good that they found out quite quickly and fixed it.
Media.net has confirmed that their ads does not perform as they should on our test site.




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