25. February 2013 · Comments Off on Double.net vs. AdSense – Ad Revenue · Categories: Comparing Test

Network page: www.double.net
Tested on site: Kryssakuten.se
Tested period: Feb 13 – Feb 24 (12 days)

Google AdSense Double.net Difference
Ad views (measured) 368,871 368,348 -0.14%
Ad views (reported) 364,603 365,691 0.30%
Clicks 540 230 -57.41%
CTR 0.15% 0.06% -57.35%
Revenue (hidden) (hidden) -95.51%

Result: The Double.net ad network gives about 95.5 percent less than what Google AdSense gives.

Note: When you register a site with Double.net you can select to apply automatically to all advertisers. But that does not mean that you automatically apply to all advertisers — it means you applies to only the advertisers that allows it. 




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